New Client – Sarah Rekia of Site Welfare Services Ltd

Among the many qualities Pebbles holds dear is the ability to work with clients over larger periods of neglect and bringing them up to date with the best bookkeeping services in Manchester.

Our newest client, Sarah Rekia of Site Welfare Services Ltd, contacted the team at Pebbles on 7th August 2020 to do a full Xero accounts review. The company had fallen 18 months behind and had a common problem in that their opening balances were not correctly entered.

Using our vast experience in aiding companies to solve the problem, the team at Pebbles assembled an in-depth proposal that was issued to the company. By August 9th, Sarah Rekia had signed Pebbles Bookkeeping to exclusively handle all bookkeeping for the company.

“Having been behind with our bookkeeping, including not filing 3 VAT returns or even knowing where to begin to bring it up to date, the team at Pebbles were amazing at sorting out the mess we had in front of us and brought it right up to date” said Sarah.

“Pebbles were quick to identify issues in the software from its initial set up and the problems with the opening balances. Pebbles worked alongside my accountant to understand what should be in there and Xero in order to remove what was wrong and input them correctly, making everything up to date and straight forward.”

Sarah has since been able to dedicate her time to concentrate on the growth of the business and trusting Pebbles to keep everything aligned in the books, as well as highly recommending their services to customers and friends.

“In bringing Pebbles onboard, it has made me wonder why we decided to try and do our own bookkeeping at all. Pebbles came in and sorted 18 months worth of mess we had unwittingly created, and we cannot be more grateful. I wish I had been told about them years ago and I hope every business out there struggling would give them a call to fully see the benefits they are missing out on.”

For small business bookkeeping solutions to payroll outsourcing services, contact the team at Pebbles to take the stress out of your business.

What our clients say…

Pebbles Bookkeeping took over our bookkeeping when a full-time member of staff left the business.  Our accounts are relatively complex for a business our size because of the number of different suppliers and products we deal with, but Pebbles were able to get quickly up to speed.  We have significantly reduced our costs spent on bookkeeping activity as a result. They have also helped us move to a new accounting system (Xero), which we are already seeing the benefit of, and we’re looking forward to working with Pebbles in the future to automate more of our back-office processes.

James Balderstone, Lucid Networks

Only The Brave have used Pebbles Bookkeeping for a few years now and we treat them instinctively like an integral department of our business.

I have worked with Sean for over two decades in my previous businesses and when Sean and Diane went on their own it was a no brainer to get them involved with our day to day accounting.

Pebbles manage our bookkeeping, expenses, credit control and PAYE and have a keen eye for detail and help us spot important financial matters before they become issues.

Their integrity and honesty are unquestionable and as a result, Pebbles are an asset to our business and will continue to work with us for many years to come.

Nick Aldrich, Only The Brave

“We began to relinquish our bookkeeping tasks to Pebbles Bookkeeping in September 2020, following our meeting with Diane Huxley to discuss our requirements. We signed up with Diane immediately. We have all built a quick rapport with Diane and it’s good to know that we have her support and expertise at the other end of the phone.

Pebbles Bookkeeping is a perfect fit for our company and liaises seamlessly with our accountant. It is our pleasure to work alongside them.”

TecCre8 Ltd

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