Christmas is a Costly Tradition

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through accounts – not many businesses consider the costs that amount.

Whilst we may not want to think about our company bookkeeping and instead concentrate on being festive with our staff, friends and family over the next few weeks, your finances for your business are not taking a holiday and instead are set to be a costly tradition. Whilst many of you think that the new year is the time to consider where and what is next for your company growth (even if you have grown considerably in 2021 and are wanting to enjoy it), a new year can also have a new reflection – and planning for that fresh start means having your books all ready to go.

There is something that Christmas add towards expenses and process that need to be taken into account.

The Christmas Bonus

Many company managers and employees cannot wait for that Christmas bonus, with many businesses paying out as early as the 21st of December so that their employees can enjoy Christmas without waiting on their last pay of the year to come in.

Many may receive a substantial bonus for their hard work, and some may even have chosen to take their last remaining holiday entitlement leading up to the last days of the year. This is something that will need a lot of attention for mistakes to not happen and your employees to miss out on what pay they are expected – especially if you want them back in the new year.

Having a smooth transition into the new year means that employers need to have all of these areas taken care of well in advance, and professional bookkeeping services can provide that assurance through payroll outsourcing services.

As most people who handle payroll within a business may be hard to reach over the Christmas period if there is a problem over wages and bonuses, it pays to have a professional who can handle the situation upfront taking care of this area.


It has been an up and down year for businesses in 2021, and many business owners fall into a trap of missing their deadlines if they fall in December due to the sheer wealth of activity going down in the final month of the year.

Engaging with bookkeeping services in Manchester before things get messy and stressy is the ideal scenario for every business owner, as when things go wrong it can be too late – so having a bookkeeper jump in and ensure that everything is running smoothly allows you to enjoy some of the Christmas festivities with your employees also.

At Pebbles Bookkeeping, we understand that financials for your business can be one of the hells of Christmas. Contact us today to ease your financial transition into 2022. From all of the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year!

What our clients say…

Only The Brave have used Pebbles Bookkeeping for a few years now and we treat them instinctively like an integral department of our business.

I have worked with Sean for over two decades in my previous businesses and when Sean and Diane went on their own it was a no brainer to get them involved with our day to day accounting.

Pebbles manage our bookkeeping, expenses, credit control and PAYE and have a keen eye for detail and help us spot important financial matters before they become issues.

Their integrity and honesty are unquestionable and as a result, Pebbles are an asset to our business and will continue to work with us for many years to come.

Nick Aldrich, Only The Brave

“Sean and the team at Pebbles provide bookkeeping services and do everything from processing invoices to payroll and then final accounts to trial balance.  They have put processes and systems in place that have helped the company track our projects and see if they are profitable and to help us generate better profitability and cash flow.  I highly recommend Pebbles Bookkeeping and often pass their details onto my contacts.”

Sam Phillips, Sam Phillips Builders

“We began to relinquish our bookkeeping tasks to Pebbles Bookkeeping in September 2020, following our meeting with Diane Huxley to discuss our requirements. We signed up with Diane immediately. We have all built a quick rapport with Diane and it’s good to know that we have her support and expertise at the other end of the phone.

Pebbles Bookkeeping is a perfect fit for our company and liaises seamlessly with our accountant. It is our pleasure to work alongside them.”

TecCre8 Ltd

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