Business Owners Need Self-Investment

Between admin, accounts, HR and marketing, a business owner has a lot of hats to wear on top of also bringing in revenue for their business. More often than not, this requires a significant amount of personal time poured into the business just to keep things running.

This is a period where you will probably work harder than you ever have in your life just to make it through the first year of business, trying to plug all leaks to stop your business endeavour from going under. This means a lot of sacrifice of family time and time spent with interests and, soon enough, you may question if it is all worth it.

It begins to affect not just you but those around you also and it becomes overwhelming – and that is where the line must be drawn and investment into yourself become a requirement.

Time Planning

How many tasks do you have that end up unsolved and waiting in the wings for you to get back around to? There are probably more than you realise.

This is why planning for your week ahead is important. Action plans help you accomplish those most important tasks that only you can complete, taking to tasks more accurately and freeing up time to keep balance with your week.

Task management software can help you keep things in hand and enable you to tick off all goals one by one. It is much easier than losing sight of where you are up to.


Most software today allows for various ways to automate through integration, and it saves a surprising amount of time when you calculate all the hours spent doing things individually.

Many small businesses are open to automating parts of their business to free up more time on valuable parts of the business, and there are many parts of your business that you are not aware that can be automatically taken care of at the press of a button – or even set to a time.


Here is the big one because it means entrusting someone else to do something only your feel you can do.

You may not have the financial capacity to employ someone for specific tasks when you start, but support can be more cost-effective by outsourcing aspects outside of the business. There are probably a ton of jobs you despise doing, so why not hire someone to do them once a month instead of constantly.

Do you find it difficult to keep tabs on your records and business books? It is an important part of your business and one of the prime areas to outsource to bookkeeping services. This allows for freeing up your time as well as getting highlighted advice on how to grow your business. It is one of the best investments small business owners can make to put them on a new course.

Contact the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping to discuss the options open in investing your time by outsourcing bookkeeping services in Manchester.

What our clients say…

Diane has been providing her services to my company for approximately 6 months now and I can honestly say that due to her assistance, my company is running a lot more smoothly than it has at any time over the previous 30 years that it has existed.

I would just like to say that I would recommend her services to any business, whatever the size, as I can only see that her services would be beneficial to any company that may choose to employ her services.

Wayne Dinning, Managing Director, SD Waste Paper Limited

“In bringing Pebbles onboard, it has made me wonder why we decided to try and do our own bookkeeping at all. Pebbles came in and sorted 18 months worth of mess we had unwittingly created, and we cannot be more grateful. I wish I had been told about them years ago and I hope every business out there struggling would give them a call to fully see the benefits they are missing out on.”

Sarah Rekia, Site Welfare

“We began to relinquish our bookkeeping tasks to Pebbles Bookkeeping in September 2020, following our meeting with Diane Huxley to discuss our requirements. We signed up with Diane immediately. We have all built a quick rapport with Diane and it’s good to know that we have her support and expertise at the other end of the phone.

Pebbles Bookkeeping is a perfect fit for our company and liaises seamlessly with our accountant. It is our pleasure to work alongside them.”

TecCre8 Ltd

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