Do You Have to Put Off Your Books for After the Holidays?

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One of the biggest albatrosses that hang over the shoulders of all business owners is that part of the year when you want to take a holiday, but you know that your bookkeeping records need updating.

It plays on your mind when you should be enjoying your time with family. Just the thought of having to update your company’s financial records is a lot of weight when all you want to do is relax.

However, you don’t need to break up your holiday to have your books accurately updated. This is where the best-known business owners rely on bookkeeping services to do the task whilst they enjoy their break.

The Duties Carried Out

Whilst you are soaking up the sun, a bookkeeper can be making your financial records much brighter and clear. The bookkeeper can provide accurate, up-to-date information about your business whilst you are reaping the benefits it provides on a well-earned break.

When you return, you will have detailed reports that will help you move forward and make better decisions. There is nothing better to come back to that order. Not only does your bookkeeper keep your records concise, but they also can play a large role in developing your forward strategies.

As well as this, they also may share some jobs with your accountants, such as the preparation of your annual financial reports and tax returns.

What You Won’t Have to Worry About

Here are just some of those tasks you will not have to fret over whilst you are enjoying time with family.

A bookkeeper takes care of all of your data entry for financial transactions and balancing your books – but did you know that they also cross-reference those books against bank statements and other source documents to make them as accurate as can be? Also, they summarise the business’s financial position based on the findings to deliver monthly reports.

How about all of those invoices? Who is following them up and sending them out? The bookkeeper takes care of the accounts receivable and credit control to make sure everything is in order. They also make sure that invoices from suppliers are accurate and paid promptly.

And the biggest concern is your employee payroll. Your bookkeeper keeps on top of calculating all pay and deductions so that everyone gets paid whilst you are away.

Break in Confidence

Taking a holiday is well deserved when running a business, and knowing that your company is running well with everything paid, tracked and accounted for helps you to enjoy it all the more.

Contact the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping today for bookkeeping services in Manchester so that you can take your break without your bookkeeping records falling behind.

What our clients say…

I changed book-keepers around a year ago because of a disagreement.  I employed Diane of Pebbles and having been with the same firm for 10 years, I was amazed by how easy working with Diane was.  Not only did the change save me money but also saved me time.  Utilising new technologies (to me) have massively improved the amount of money I can claim back in VAT and has made the whole process speedier and well as easier.  Even when Diane is chasing me for information she does in a friendly professional manner.  I’m thrilled to be working with her and would recommend her to anyone.

Steve Tanswell, Manchester Facades

“We have now been working alongside you with various clients. In some cases, we have introduced you to our clients and in other cases you have worked as part of our team. Every time we have brought you in you have done a great job. We now see you as an extended part of our team. You have proved to be professional, flexible and above all competent in getting the work done. We would not have any hesitation in recommending you again, and we look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Steve Price, BWP Inspire

A massive thank you to Diane at Pebbles Bookkeeping & HR. You took the huge stress away from where do I start, with employee policies etc. You have created us a great, informative employee handbook, covering all necessary policies and risk assessments in a matter of no time and from the other side of the world too. I will definitely be in touch for any future help our company needs.

Lisa Heggie, The Gunnery

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