Time to Get Those Books in Order

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Can you believe we are in October already? This year certainly has flown by and has been both a challenging and rewarding one for businesses getting back into the swing of things. With that in mind, it means it is time to pause and ponder how good your account bookkeeping is at this point in the year.

After all, the end of the year is looming and that dark cloud of having to do your business year financials is getting closer and closer each day. Many businesses may be leaving it until the last minute to get their books in order, so now may be that perfect moment to get things for smooth sailing at year-end.

Getting Books in Order

For starters, let’s take a look at what getting your books in order means and why it is important to do it right now.

Your year-end accounting is performed to ensure that all of your financial transactions are up to date and recorded correctly. It is balancing and then closing your books for 12 months, allowing you to run accurate reports and financial statements for your business. The bookkeeping aspect helps you identify and correct any errors in your books so that they don’t become a headache at tax time.

Granted, when November and December through to January come along, an accountant would get tied up with every client they have to do their tax returns – so time becomes precious. The ability to provide your accountant with fully up-to-date records before that period goes a long way to avoid getting held up in the queue – and bookkeeping services are the best way to achieve that right now.

What Do Your Books Look Like?

Like many businesses we see, not every company is adept at keeping their financial records and all documentation organised. Sometimes it can be massed in a carrier bag full of papers for a later date – and many times that is the case.

Other times, business owners just shun their recording to catch up at a later date that never seems to come, resulting in a mad year-end scramble to get things up to date. This can all be done today with bookkeeping services in Manchester which can come in and get your business looking like it should.

Not only do bookkeepers help to make sense of your books, but they also help to point out where things are costing you money. It is not only about compiling all of your business expense receipts, it is about chasing your invoices in and out of the company and identifying expenditure that you may not realise is no longer in need of paying.

Contact Professionals

If you have fallen behind on recording and categorizing your expenses through account bookkeeping, October is the best time to catch up for smooth sailing into the tax season. Contact the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping today.

What our clients say…

“We have now been working alongside you with various clients. In some cases, we have introduced you to our clients and in other cases you have worked as part of our team. Every time we have brought you in you have done a great job. We now see you as an extended part of our team. You have proved to be professional, flexible and above all competent in getting the work done. We would not have any hesitation in recommending you again, and we look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Steve Price, BWP Inspire

I changed book-keepers around a year ago because of a disagreement.  I employed Diane of Pebbles and having been with the same firm for 10 years, I was amazed by how easy working with Diane was.  Not only did the change save me money but also saved me time.  Utilising new technologies (to me) have massively improved the amount of money I can claim back in VAT and has made the whole process speedier and well as easier.  Even when Diane is chasing me for information she does in a friendly professional manner.  I’m thrilled to be working with her and would recommend her to anyone.

Steve Tanswell, Manchester Facades

A massive thank you to Diane at Pebbles Bookkeeping & HR. You took the huge stress away from where do I start, with employee policies etc. You have created us a great, informative employee handbook, covering all necessary policies and risk assessments in a matter of no time and from the other side of the world too. I will definitely be in touch for any future help our company needs.

Lisa Heggie, The Gunnery

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