Outsourcing Payroll is an Investment in Peace of Mind

Outsourcing Payroll

Outsourcing Payroll and having an external party handle your business’s payroll is a huge step for a small to medium business. On one hand, it is trusting the lifeblood of your business to someone who is not directly under contract with your business. On the other, it takes a lot of that pressure off you as a business owner to enjoy life and peace of mind.

Any successful business owner will tell you the moment they outsourced their payroll to bookkeeping services in Manchester – including wage calculations, tax withholdings and deposits, reporting and more – the pressure was off and their business was first and foremost every day.

Benefits to Business Owners

You’ve reached a point where you need to ease off of the pressure of handling weekly or monthly payroll. Either you have been doing it or put that responsibility onto an employee that is not a professional with the numbers. Maybe you have had many complaints from staff members about incorrect wages or other calculations.

Generally, employers won’t have the administrative resources or expertise to effectively ruin payroll consistently without other business areas suffering. They also won’t want to hire another body to handle that area alone, paying all contributions and allocating holiday time for them as well. Outsourcing payroll to bookkeeping services makes a lot more sense.

When employers take payroll out of their routine, they have that time to focus on the initiatives that grow the business – finding the time needed for sales, customer service and product development. With payroll outsourcing services taking on the labour-intensive aspect of that area, it not only gives that time for focus but also reduces the mistakes that commonly happen when someone does the job in a rush so they can get back to their role.

Keep Compliant

Working with reputable bookkeepers means that state-of-the-art technology is being utilised, with many backup and server locations so that data is safeguarded. That is peace of mind when being compliant with changing government regulations – as a bookkeeper will take the lead in filing all paperwork.

The biggest benefit that a business owner gets as well as time and peace of mind is a reduction in costs. A bookkeeper handling your payroll will charge fees but will keep you safe from fines and penalties that incur from mistakes being made – as well as full employee wages from hiring someone specifically to handle payroll in-house.

For payroll outsourcing services that help you to grow where you need, contact the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping today for full peace of mind that your employees are satisfied.

What our clients say…

“We began to relinquish our bookkeeping tasks to Pebbles Bookkeeping in September 2020, following our meeting with Diane Huxley to discuss our requirements. We signed up with Diane immediately. We have all built a quick rapport with Diane and it’s good to know that we have her support and expertise at the other end of the phone.

Pebbles Bookkeeping is a perfect fit for our company and liaises seamlessly with our accountant. It is our pleasure to work alongside them.”

TecCre8 Ltd

I just wanted to thank you both for the help you’ve given me thus far in setting up my new cloud-based bookkeeping system ‘Clearbooks’.

Having used Microsoft Excel for more years than I care to admit, I had more than a few reservations when considering changing the way I managed my books, yet understood that I had to make the change sooner or later.

After an intense training session with Sean, (where I probably asked 101 questions), my fears quickly dissipated and I can honestly say that although it’s likely to take me a little while to really get to grips with the new interface, I’ve no doubt that this simple system will save me so much time and hassle in future.

And less time spent doing my books, almost certainly means more time with the family and an end to rushing around like a mad woman at quarter-end!

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to working with you again soon.

Anne-Marie Armstrong, Amberry Marketing

A massive thank you to Diane at Pebbles Bookkeeping & HR. You took the huge stress away from where do I start, with employee policies etc. You have created us a great, informative employee handbook, covering all necessary policies and risk assessments in a matter of no time and from the other side of the world too. I will definitely be in touch for any future help our company needs.

Lisa Heggie, The Gunnery

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