The Benefits of Xero

As you are no doubt aware, making tax digital for VAT is here. Business owners above the VAT threshold of £85k must file their VAT returns online using HMRC-recognised software like Xero. Its use is mandatory, so it is a good plan to have the latest software and training on how to use it. If you have not been educated on the benefits of Xero, the features that make your working life simple and how to receive training on its use, Pebbles Bookkeeping Services in Manchester is happy to help.

Small Business Help

First, Xero is an essential help for small businesses with limited budgets that understand the importance of simple-to-use, cloud-based accounting technology that keeps their affairs in order.

For you and your business to become familiar with how to use it, our bookkeeping services offer training on this accounting platform to help you gain confidence. Xero is an affordable subscription plan that can tailor to your business needs, with plans supporting unlimited bills, invoices and bank transactions that add minimal extra costs.

Indispensable Tools

Xero has a bevvy of features and tools that streamline the accounting experience, allowing your financing tasks to be less tedious and time-consuming.

With Xero, you can invoice directly from the software and cut out the paperwork completely. It also integrates with payment processors – such as PayPal, Stripe and Square – so you can take digital payments easily. Quotes can also transform into invoices with a few clicks, and invoices have drag-and-drop lines for easier re-orders for items. Xero can also schedule recurring invoices with ease, and set up invoice payment reminders so that you don’t have to chase after your customers constantly for payment settling.

Financial Overview

As well as bookkeeping services, Xero is a handy tool for giving you a clear financial overview of your business. Xero’s setup has a unique, intuitive dashboard highlighting how much money is coming in and leaving your business in real time.

One of the benefits of Xero, you can quickly link to crucial parts of your business accounts and provide snapshots of your bank balance, creditors and debtors, and helps to track payments and avoid any errors that affect your bookkeeping. Xero also allows for personalisation so that the important information for you is front and centre.

At Pebbles Bookkeeping, we are much more than bookkeeping services and outsourced payroll services – we also provide training on many accounting software services like Xero to better benefit the financial health of your business. Contact our friendly team today to discuss implementing accountancy software into your business.

What our clients say…

“Sean and the team at Pebbles provide bookkeeping services and do everything from processing invoices to payroll and then final accounts to trial balance.  They have put processes and systems in place that have helped the company track our projects and see if they are profitable and to help us generate better profitability and cash flow.  I highly recommend Pebbles Bookkeeping and often pass their details onto my contacts.”

Sam Phillips, Sam Phillips Builders

Pebbles Bookkeeping took over our bookkeeping when a full-time member of staff left the business.  Our accounts are relatively complex for a business our size because of the number of different suppliers and products we deal with, but Pebbles were able to get quickly up to speed.  We have significantly reduced our costs spent on bookkeeping activity as a result. They have also helped us move to a new accounting system (Xero), which we are already seeing the benefit of, and we’re looking forward to working with Pebbles in the future to automate more of our back-office processes.

James Balderstone, Lucid Networks

Diane has been providing her services to my company for approximately 6 months now and I can honestly say that due to her assistance, my company is running a lot more smoothly than it has at any time over the previous 30 years that it has existed.

I would just like to say that I would recommend her services to any business, whatever the size, as I can only see that her services would be beneficial to any company that may choose to employ her services.

Wayne Dinning, Managing Director, SD Waste Paper Limited

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