Tax Return – Are You On Top Of It?

January is here, and that impending tax return deadline of January 31st is charging toward us with each passing day. Have you completed yours yet? Or, like many, are you about to start panicking and rushing around to get everything in order?

Tax returns are daunting, so much so that many people will put them to the back of their mind with each passing working day to handle when they have more time. The problem is, you may never find that ‘more time’. At Pebbles Bookkeeping Services, we strive to help business owners such as these, using our trained eye and talent for detail to help take that pressure away and have that legwork done for you.

How We Help

At Pebbles Bookkeeping Services in Manchester, we understand that numbers and accounts are not everyone’s forte, but when it comes to getting your taxes, accounts, and figures in order, we are more than prepared.

Our expertise can ensure you are paying the right amount of tax, calculate the tax you owe, and complete your tax return and file it online so you can concentrate on your work – and avoid those deadline-missing fines from HMRC. All we need is access to your business bank statements, receipts for purchases, sales records, payroll details, and expense information. We can collate it all together so the amount you owe is correct – and your records are all accounted for and correct.

The pressure of making mistakes with your accounts and incurring fines is something nobody wants, so working with a professional bookkeeper will ensure that everything is mistake-free and paid on time.

Expertise All Year

Of course, our skills and services are not just available at the end of the financial year. Our team is available to our clients all year round. The ability to have all of your records done throughout the year eliminates the stress of January, as you will be all caught up and prepared well in advance.

Our team also helps business owners with payroll outsourcing services, ensuring that your employees are paid on time and your attention is focused on your work. We also provide training on software to help your accounts, including Quickbooks and Xero, so that you can have better control over your business and tasks.

Call Today for Help

One of the best advantages of having small business bookkeeping solutions throughout the year is the ability to forecast your financials and strategise over areas where money is being lost or going to waste, finding alternatives to areas where you are paying too much for certain licences or services.

Need help with your tax return before things get too close to the deadline? Contact our team at Pebbles Bookkeeping Services in Manchester today to waste no more time.

What our clients say…

Only The Brave have used Pebbles Bookkeeping for a few years now and we treat them instinctively like an integral department of our business.

I have worked with Sean for over two decades in my previous businesses and when Sean and Diane went on their own it was a no brainer to get them involved with our day to day accounting.

Pebbles manage our bookkeeping, expenses, credit control and PAYE and have a keen eye for detail and help us spot important financial matters before they become issues.

Their integrity and honesty are unquestionable and as a result, Pebbles are an asset to our business and will continue to work with us for many years to come.

Nick Aldrich, Only The Brave

“Pebbles Bookkeeping have been doing our bookkeeping for the past 2 years. Our Accountant recommended them to us and they are very professional, approachable and knowledgeble in the work they do. We send them our paperwork electronically and manually and they process it all efficiently in a timely manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sean and the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping – they do a fantastic job.”
Mark Gray, Taylor Made Finance Ltd

“Pebbles have provided professional and personal approach to all our accounts needs from processing invoices to management accounts. Based in-house they have become a valuable asset to the business and have given us a more strategic and analytical approach to our finances.”


Robert Flinn, Director, The Drawing Room

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