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Is It the Best Time to Outsource Your Accounting?

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust? That is a saying that relates to many things. When it comes to your bookkeeping, If you can’t do it yourself, you should outsource your accounting! Some businesses have internal solutions for their financial management, but smaller companies tend to have a save time and money […]


outsource your accounting

XERO Providing Simpler Sales Invoices

The biggest concerns facing the world right now are centred around the advancement of AI and Machine Learning and how it will affect our businesses. The key thing to take away from any conversation around Ai is that it is designed to aid our work, not make our work redundant. Technology is designed to augment […]


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How Does Xero Help My Small Business?

If you are running a small to medium business in 2023, you understand how important it is to keep on top of your business finances. Chances are, you have just stepped out of January feeling exhausted trying to keep on top of it all. Making sure that you are in control of what is coming […]


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Xero: Saving Money and Growing Business

What is the goal of every business owner? Surely it is to be more efficient with lower overheads and easier management of information. If you are a company that is running Xero accounting software, you no doubt already have these in place. If you are not running Xero, here is your opportunity to discover the […]


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Managing Cash Flow: The Need To Know

As a bookkeeper, the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping is much more than a body to simply compile your books. We are a consultative body that wants to help your business succeed, and we do that by looking at various ways your company can do things better and become better organised. One such way that we […]


managing cash flow

Making Payroll Simpler

Business payroll falls into the most important tasks that your company has to complete every single month. As an employer, it plays a big role in ensuring your staff are happy to continue working – meaning it has to be done correctly and timely to protect your employee’s livelihoods. Even if it is just a […]


It’s Time to Find That Bookkeeper!

Christmas time is here but it is another week forward towards the end of the financial year, and although you just want to enjoy the festivities – there is that financial cloud hanging over your head. Critical Month December is a critical month after all, and nowhere more than in your bookkeeping areas. Many small […]


Should You Be a Sole Trader or a Limited Business?

When staring up your new business venture, asking yourself ‘should I be a sole trader or limited company?” is a very important question. Determining where your business stands in legal terms, the kind of tax that applies to it and what your responsibilities are regarding record-keeping and reporting are all important parts to consider. There […]


should I be a sole trader or limited company

Do Accountants Outsource To Bookkeepers?

One question we at Pebbles Bookkeeping seem to hear a lot from people unsure of the difference is – is accounting and bookkeeping are the same thing. The answer is yes and no. The truth is there are a lot of things that can cross over, but both tend to do their best work when working […]


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Don't just take our word for it...

Steve Tanswell, Manchester Facades

I changed book-keepers around a year ago because of a disagreement.  I employed Diane of Pebbles and having been with the same firm for 10 years, I was amazed by how easy working with Diane was.  Not only did the change save me money but also saved me time.  Utilising new technologies (to me) have massively improved the amount of money I can claim back in VAT and has made the whole process speedier and well as easier.  Even when Diane is chasing me for information she does in a friendly professional manner.  I’m thrilled to be working with her and would recommend her to anyone.

James Balderstone, Lucid Networks

Pebbles Bookkeeping took over our bookkeeping when a full-time member of staff left the business.  Our accounts are relatively complex for a business our size because of the number of different suppliers and products we deal with, but Pebbles were able to get quickly up to speed.  We have significantly reduced our costs spent on bookkeeping activity as a result. They have also helped us move to a new accounting system (Xero), which we are already seeing the benefit of, and we’re looking forward to working with Pebbles in the future to automate more of our back-office processes.

Wayne Dinning, Managing Director, SD Waste Paper Limited

Diane has been providing her services to my company for approximately 6 months now and I can honestly say that due to her assistance, my company is running a lot more smoothly than it has at any time over the previous 30 years that it has existed.

I would just like to say that I would recommend her services to any business, whatever the size, as I can only see that her services would be beneficial to any company that may choose to employ her services.

Mark Gray, Taylor Made Finance Ltd

“Pebbles Bookkeeping have been doing our bookkeeping for the past 2 years. Our Accountant recommended them to us and they are very professional, approachable and knowledgeble in the work they do. We send them our paperwork electronically and manually and they process it all efficiently in a timely manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sean and the team at Pebbles Bookkeeping – they do a fantastic job.”
TecCre8 Ltd

“We began to relinquish our bookkeeping tasks to Pebbles Bookkeeping in September 2020, following our meeting with Diane Huxley to discuss our requirements. We signed up with Diane immediately. We have all built a quick rapport with Diane and it’s good to know that we have her support and expertise at the other end of the phone.

Pebbles Bookkeeping is a perfect fit for our company and liaises seamlessly with our accountant. It is our pleasure to work alongside them.”